Yr Agog


CD - Oggum (OG 10)

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  1. Ole Lukkoye
    Hety Doma (No Home)
  2. Longstone
    Glacial Funk
  3. Ectogram
    Salted Brow
  4. Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band
    Invisible Invader
  5. Stylus
    Lights Around Pylon X
  6. Flying Saucer Attack
    Cruisin For Love
  7. Electroscope
  8. Hydroplane
    Min Min Light
  1. Vom
    Quality Coats
  2. Magic Carpathians
    One Mother
  3. Valvola & Astro Black Stereo
    Chocolate City
  4. Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band
    Face On Mars
  5. Valvola
    Autodrome 70
  6. Electroscope
    Parting Echoes
  7. Nimbus 2000
  8. Nimbus 2000

  A benefit C.D. released by the splendid Oggum label of Lampeter in aid of the homeless in Wales and featuring a cosmic array of international contributors from Russia, Poland, USA, Italy, England, Cheltenham and other places. Ectogram's contribution is Salted Brow, an early prototype for Salted Blow which appeared on the All Behind The Witchtower album. For further information, contact Oggum at dafoggum@yahoo.co.uk