Infrasonic Waves


Double CD - Ochre OCH025LCD

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Disc 1
  1. Stylus
    Glass Dream One
  2. The Freed Unit
    A Baby Is Crying In Outer Space
  3. Avrocar
    Themes These Three
  4. Brickwerk
    Post Gate
  5. Magnétophone
  6. The Groceries
    The Oblivion Envoy
  7. Salomé
    Dry Flowers
  8. Our Glassie Azoth
  9. UCM
    Versuchmodell 1
  10. Igirisu-Jin Futari
    Understanding Large Numbers
  11. Mount Vernon Arts Lab
  12. Yellow 6
  13. Five Way Mirror
    A Break In The Clouds
  14. Pulsar
    Natural Selection
  15. Arparp
    Remodel / Redial
  16. Star Phase 23
    Delay Song

Disc 2

  1. Charles Atlas
  2. 90° South
    Lola And The Northern Lights
  3. Trawsfynydd Lo-Fi Liberation Front
  4. Lakescene
  5. Pen Llithrig Y Wrach
    Nit Outbreak In Cel-Tec
  6. Mosquito Love
    Cameras And Bazookas
  7. Y Celfi Cam
  8. A.M.P. Studio
    Sleep City Drone
  9. Wr Twr
    Skeleton Of A Song
  10. Llewelyn Ap Gruffydd
    As The Sun Sets On Us All
  11. Jan Zert
    Wuppertal (Arbeitstitel)
  12. Landing
  13. Phosphane
    Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle
  14. Oobe
  15. The Serpents
    Mondrian Policecar
  16. Parking Non-Stop
    Sans Lunettes
  17. Aarktika
    These Days Fail To Bring Me Near (aaron spectre remix)

  The first disc of this double CD compiles the 16 tracks which originally appeared between November 1998 and August 1999 on Ochre's Infrasonic Waves Vol 1-4 series of 7" vinyl EPs, including a track by Alan's side project THE GROCERIES. The second disc features 17 previously unreleased tracks, including "Mondrian Policecar" by THE SERPENTS,featuring a funky groove provided by Maeyc and Alan on Drums and Bass respectively. Alan spreads himself thin by also appearing on the tracks by PEN LLITHRIG Y WRACH and PARKING NON-STOP. The CD can be obtained from Ochre Records at