Ectogram have made several videos for television in Wales. This means that they have been seen by hardly anyone, and we hope to have these online for you shortly. At least one of these ultra-violent promos has been banned! But not because of the violence!!

CENNIN explores the relationship of the Welsh to their culture, which is largely an English invention. Strong on metaphor, this video is a call to arms for every free thinking individual in the principality to stand up against the oppressive notions of "culture" and "tradition" that endeavour to enslave us.

TU MEWN CEG GERALLT. High summer spirits is the theme for another metaphorical extravaganza from the philosophical foursome!!!
Yes, four. In an eerie echo of Pink Floyd, who for a short period had five members, Ectogram find themselves stranded in the desert. All that sand, it's just like a beach, so our heroes decide to have a beach party. All is happy and frivolous until the dream turns sour as their darker alter egos are conjoured up from the depths of the psyche and decide to have a party of their own. But who is who anyway?

CLADDING, THE FISCAL DRAG. In this homage to Leni Riefenstahl's epochal masterpiece 'Olympia', Ectogram display their athletic prowess in their own inimitable way. The glory of sporting achievement at the end of the twentieth century is illustrated on a frighteningly low budget as Ectogram postulate a future when all physical limits have been reached and all records have been broken. Sport reaches it's apotheosis by abandoning it's physicality and moving into an entirely conceptual domain.