Spoonicon EP


7" and CD- ANKST (Ankst 063/Ankst CD063) Nov.1995

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  1. 1. Adennydd A Sylltau
    2. Syd
  2. 1. Torn In A Teacup
    2. Cennin
  1. Adennydd A Sylltau
  2. Torn In A Teacup
  3. Cennin
  4. Excerpt From The Faust Tapes

  ...existing in two complementary forms, a concise psychomorphic pseven inch and extended kosmische kompact disc. Both formats contain "Adennydd A Sylltau" - a triangular song with needle sharp corners, "Torn In A Teacup" - a country tinged limpid pool of jewel-like clarity, and "Cennin" - wherein the group don roller skates to negotiate a field of banana skins before slipping on some post-tonal abstraction. The pseven inch version is completed by "Syd" - a swirling three minutes of slidey pop whilst the KD features "Excerpt From The Faust Tapes", the group's lengthy Welsh interpretation of that dead good bit in the middle of side one of Faust's seminal third LP.


The press said...
Ectogram. Extract From The Faust Tapes.

"J'ai mal au dent, j'ai mal au pieds aussi"; a blank male voice (Alan Holmes) begins the chant that will continue, without a break, over the next sixteen minutes. At the same time, a single guitar picks out THOSE notes - Julian Cope: the "most defining Krautrock riff of all" - just before the other guitar and drums (Maeyc Hewitt) kick into the pattern that will continue, without a break, over the next sixteen minutes. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip, as, stimulated by frequent sonic explosions, singer Ann Matthews runs through a dizzying variety of voices and languages - sometimes an intimate croon, sometimes a full-blown Krautrock shriek. Perfect for travelling at 90mph down the A55, Extract From The Faust Tapes cuts dead at 15.57, when the tape runs out: but the riff never ends.
(What Goes On, Tracking)