Spitsbergen (Part 4)


Split 7" clear vinyl - OCHRE (Och pro 003)
Jan. 1998

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A: (Ectogram)
1. Spitsbergen (Part 4)
B: (The Land Of Nod)
1. Spiral

  ...a very limited split single (154 copies) featuring the group lulling a London audience into a chilly narcotic frenzy at The Garage on 13th June 1997. The other side features Cheltenham based dronemeisters The Land Of Nod performing the spiral-like "Spiral".

The press said...
Ectogram and The Land Of Nod.
Split Single

75 copies of this clear vinyl seven inch were given away free to those who atended the Ochre night at the Garage in London on January 29 (Wil Segeant of Echo and the Bunnymen was the DJ!) but I was fortunate enough to get a copy. Ectogram continue their "Spitsbergen" epic with part 4 which was recorded live last june in London...Part 4 is more aggressive than its predecessors with the guitars sounding quite sinister at times, creating an edge to the breezy soundscape.
I don't know anything about the Land Of Nod who grace the other side of this single, but if their contribution "Spiral: is anything to go by, they're well worth checking out. They have a powerful instrumental sound that would probably appeal to fans of Mogwai
(Vendetta, May 1998)
Ectogram: "Spitsbergen Part4" /The Land Of Nod: "Spiral"
Having caught Ectogram at Ochre's recent London Showcase, we can wholeheartedly recommend their perverse, mutant re-reading of that well thumbed script marked 'VU". Ectogram don't need the things other bands do - like, ooh, a bass player - preferring instead to route their sqiggly noise-boxes while their drummer bashes out manic tribal rhythms. That said, "Spitsbergen Part4" catches them in aminimalist mood. Ironically, the Land Of Nod side puts you to sleep.
(Record Collector, March 1998)