Free Cassette- ANKST (Ankst 074)
Dec. 1996

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  1. Spitsbergen
  2. Edgeoya (Including Barentsoya and Halvmaneoya)
  3. Nordaustlandtet
  4. Spitsbergen

  ...previews and seaviews from the (then) forthcoming release "Spitsbergen". Given away free to everyone who came to see the Faust and Ectogram gig at the Tivoli, Buckley on Dec. 5 1996, this 23 minute impressionistic collage contains some extracts which subsequently were not included on the finished release, making it a much sought after rarity!


The press said...
Ectogram: "Svalbard." Cassette. (Ankst 079)
'Svalbard'. Previews and Sea Views from the forthcoming release 'Spitsbergen'. the tape made available whern Ectogram recently supported Faust. Housed within are a selection of recordings that capture Ectogram in their full beauty. Locked within a swirling groove the title track is so infectious that it could go on for hours. After listening to this cassette several times we can only wait with baited breath for the forthcoming 'Spitsbergen' release. Excellent!
(Wig Out, Sept 1998)