Mary/Cladding, The Fiscal Drag


7" single - ATOL (Atol 003) - March 1995

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  1. Mary
  2. Cladding, The Fiscal Drag

  ...Featuring Siamese twin A sides on which the curiously bass-less trio glide, soar and chime their way through stellar-mist shrouded alien landscapes with an immediacy and tunefulness that somehow belies their inherent oddness.

The press said...
'Mary' (Ankst)
I can't get enough of this band. The vocals are delicious, the guitars are strummed in a simple tuneful manner, the song plods along and then a synth jumps in and we're suddenly in the middle of a prog rock epic, but sung in Welsh. I'm a fan of a band that who can let half their instruments (in this case the vocal) carry the song when everything else belts out musical chaos. Ectogram are good at this. If you can't get it in your local...
(Sun Zoom Spark - May 1995)