Maeyc Hewitt

  Maeyc plays the drums and "takes a back seat". His drums were very cheap and he has to fix them all the time because they are so knackered, but they suit him just fine. He likes all sport as much as he likes soccer!! He likes fox hunting best of all because it's traditional.
Maeyc likes to eat virtually anything as long as it doesn't contain vitamins. Drinks with a high alcohol or caffeine content are most preferred. Protien is acquired by smoking cigarettes.He will watch anything that moves, but usually only for a couple of minutes. His favourite colours are black and blue.

  I find drumming extremely satisfying as it fulfills the natural human instinct to hit things very hard, but without the negative side effects that can often come with hitting people. (I hasten to add that I never do hit people, and even when I do, it's only ever men as I think that it's extremely unchivalrous to hit a woman. Drums are cool to hit though, as it's dead creative as well so you sort of kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.) My favourite drummers are those people who can play really difficult rhythms very fast, such as Bill Bruford, Narada Michael Waldon, Carl Palmer, Billy Cobham, Buddy Rich and those amazing blokes in all those drum'n'bass groups you hear in the clubs (I've never found out their names).
Whenever I get a (well deserved) break from drumming, there's nothing I enjoy more than to build Airfix construction kits. I'm a bit of a traditionalist in this in that I tend to stick with the old 1/72 scale models - the newer 1/32 and 1/24 scales have far too many pieces and take ages, I tend to feel that they're just geared towards smart-alec "anorak" types who haven't got a proper life. My favourite type of models are those of world war two fighter aircraft, as I think that that was a particularly exciting period in history, as depicted in the classic films "The Battle of Britain", "633 Squadron", "Reach For The Sky" and "The Dambusters" (all of which I never tire of watching). The model in my collection that I'm most pleased with is one I made about two years ago of the classic German Messerschmitt ME109E fighter - I painted all the pieces in the characteristic Luftwaffe grey/green camouflage before assembling them, thus avoiding getting paint on the transparent cockpit canopy parts, as can so often happen. After applying the wing and fusilage decals (I missed out the tailplane swastika decals, as I think swastikas are a bit disrespectful to jews), the model looked exactly like real thing ! (except for the absence of the swastika).

Maeyc uses

Olympic 14" snare drum
Pearl 14" snare drum
Silver 12" tom tom
Premier 22" bass drum
Manhattan hi-hat and cymbals
Rotel turntable
Garrard turntable
Victorian organ pipe
Steel drum
Tesco plastic bag
Premier drumsticks
Concert Master beaters
Columbus "Jazz" bass guitar
Epiphone 6 string accoustic guitar
Juno synthesiser
Power drill
Grand piano
French Horn
Boots voice changer
"Sokol" Soviet shortwave radio
Pocket sewing machine
Electric manicure machine
Skil-Twist electric screwdriver

  Rules of engagement

All measurements must be approximately accurate
Nothing is true - everything is permitted
A problem is a solution waiting to happen
We'll burn that bridge when we come to it



Maeyc's Records

a complete list of all Maeyc's records and CDs as of August 2006