All Behind the Witchtower

Glimmer glitter shallow dipper
Slap slip flop wind away
A veil in time when butterflies chimes
And roman numerals tick steady
Fantastic and deliberated
A lack of sparkle entangled
Tentative between elastic
She chose to lie face down alone

There she glitters 'til the lights go out
She counts her phials slowly with obsession
She rides alone
She likens this to nothing now
The same dishevelled slide
Californian poppy fried
Ricochet ride

Glimmer glitter shallow dipper
Jagged thorny strawberry
Tatty apology oozed and churned
Acetate mind dawn sky shorn
Eclectic in false eyelashes
Luminous and sublime
Inert laughter haunts the night air
She chose to lie face down alone


Cyfan Gwbl

Dacw'r dicter sy'n tremblo
A sibrwd yn fy mhen
Maen gwbl, amlwg i siarad
A chwerthin 0 dan goed

Dacw'r dicter twrw'r wlad yn troi fel afal
Wn i ddim
Dacw'r dicter, eiliad tawel bach
Cyn dechrau'r swn swn swn esmwyth

Hafog haelog sy'n cydio a
Llithro 0 dan dwr
Lleddfu lleisiol i dwyllo a
Crynu 0 dan goed

A chyffwrdd pen clustiau oriau man
Tawelwch digrif cyn canu'r can
I'r ceir sy'n disgyrchu tuag at
Fwrlwm swn dicllon brwnt
Y dinasoedd


Caught On By

Bitter seeds swept on lulling seas
Hooked you on urban sweets

Live to dream to dream to see
Bumbling in the dark
Adrift asunder brimstone and thunder
Lit in turquoise fumes

Spacious sprawl content migrant force
Caught on by curling plumes

Saccharine thoughts spoonsfull buzzing grey
Honeyed fray crawling kerbs

Frail man walks choked on nectar spores
Strobing green orange tinged


No, soar

He powdered a rich time
along the crystal line
Get him down, wrap him up
Along the crystal line

Ah aaaah ah ah



Work back when it's all the way
The magic days have gone
You are only what you want
And I am what I am

You are the angels whipping boy
Hot pink smiles and apricot eyes again
There's my boy
There he goes

Softer and softer your words devour
Sunny days and smiles
Take your hands through loops and tyres
And hope that the moon won't shine

Shadows still whisper your life is mine
Two men cheek by jowl
Twin visions and hearts apart
Fighting as they laugh.


Pussy Bane

A sleep whirled by Framboise and chocolate
Swirled with cat hair and littered with glass
Mutterings in foreign tongues,
beige walls and wooden tables.
We've got it all, We've got it all, We've got it all, We've got it all.
A sleep whipped up by liquor and hailstones
Whirled with deadlegs and pins and needles
Over cobblestones, under leaning eaves
and soft raindrops.
We've got it all, We've got it all, We've got it all, We've got it all.
A sleep soothed by narrow streets and twinings
Woven intricately around your words
Suspended squarely, knitted deftly
and presented eccentrically
We've got it all, We've got it all, We've got it all, We've got it all.
Overdone on the sunnyside
Underdone on the darkside
Overdone in an overdone world.


The Other Stella

The other Stella is keen on me
Under the neon rays radiantly
Leaning helplessly lost and free

See those lights
Hassle her eyes
Stella's rush is
Forged and fried

The lonely drifters are beautiful alone
Their boredom ignites cancer deep inside
A foetus of fortune's aborted lies

Stella is sun-shy bored of fun
When she sees I'm falling she takes note
Stella is sun-shy, she can't stand still



The tale she had to tell was extrordinary
Made me feel so dull and ordinary

Mary told me how they treated her badly
Mary taught me how to treat them badly
She had to tell
How how how
They treated her sadly

At the end of the day Sion was responsible
Between the cornershop and tatooists
A most God dammned awful situation
Sion and his friends were so horrible

Mary told me how they treated her badly
Mary taught me how to treat them badly
She told how
How how how
To make it better

As the sun threw down it's heat relentlessly
She said the stars shone down incessantly.