Füxa Versus Ectogram


Split CD mini album - OCHRE (Och 048)
Mar. 2001

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1. FÜXA - I can hear the old sister say (haleluah)
2. FÜXA - 48 seconds of Jesus
3. ECTOGRAM - Opal soft green kumquat of the sun

  ...the first in a projected series of Ochre double-bills sees Ectogram paired with the Michigan spacerock scene's finest sonic saucières, FÜXA. The Ectogram track manages to maintain a klang-jazz hypnogroove whilst mutating from Astrud Gilberto to Van Der Graaf Generator over the course of just under ten minutes.

Visit FÜXA's "unofficial" website at:www.rocketgirl.demon.co.uk/fuxa/


The press said...
  Füxa & Ectogram: "Füxa versus Ectogram" (Ochre OCH048CD)
Not exactly the "clash of the titans" that the title would seem to hint at - what you actually get is one (and a bit in the case of Füxa) track from each of these would-be space rockers. Füxa's track is as mind-numbingly bland as we've come to expect from these dopes, with a funky workout that would barely count as a backing track for anyone with ideas, but the Ectogram offering is a comparative delight. Over an electronically bopping backing track that recalls the hippy electronica of The Silver Apples, the most bewitching female vocal softly purrs and sings before rising into an endearingly clumsy chorus that sounds like classic British freakbeat played by The Television Personalities.
(The Wire, April 2001)