Ectogram EP


3 Track 7 Inch EP - ATOL (Atol 001) - December 1994

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  1. 1.Spio Trwy Tylla
    2.Pussy Bane
  2. 1.No, Soar


The press said...
  ...on which we are driven through the tuneful Welsh hypno beat of "Spio Trwy Tylla" and shuddered and shaken around the polyrhythmic slippery moog-pop of "Pussy Bane" before flipping over in time to witness local violin legend Phil Meager trading post-tonal licks with the group on the narcotic drone marathon of "No, Soar".
Ectogram - 3 track 7"
Blessed with a charmingly faulty centrifugal force, Ectogram tunes stray into dreamily fuddled territory whilst the drummer steadily patters away during "Spio trwy tylla" in a forlorn attempt to maintain order amidst a shimmering mice choir. "Pussy Bane" is akin to being flooded by chrysanthemums. From a crystalline chorus "No,Soar" scoots along snowy, bare branch lanes before descending into traffic congestion chaos.
(The Plane Truth)

Ectogram EP (Atol)
About the only description I could give to the most mesmerising Welsh language pop of Ectogram is to point you somewhere in Stereolab's direction, if they'd grown up listening to the f***ed-up country of Germany's FSK, strummed to a few Greek bazoukis, got progressively wierder and wilder in their remote Bangor flat, let the dream/avant garde sound of Gilbert Grape go to their heads, laid back, relaxed, mellowed out on some good old fashioned grass which almost certainly had some hallucinogenics mixed in with it, started writing songs backwards, used an accordian instead of a Hammond for their main musical accompaniment and...oh f*** it. I'm gonna play this all over again and get even more deliciously f***ed up.
From the same neck of the woods as the truly wonderful Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, and equally as ravishing. What are they putting in the water over there?
(Everett True, Melody Maker - 17.12.94)

Ectogram - Spio Trwy Tylla
Every week you hear a new band obviously inspired by the Velvets. (Well, this week at least - Ed).Evidence to Suggest that there's much more to the new wave of welsh bands than shouty punk. Ectogram give you a mash of guitars, strings and harmonica and put a blissfully happy Welsh language vocal over the top. I think it's something to do with "Blue Sky"
(Sun Zoom Spark)