Eliot's Violet Hour


7" and CD- ANKST (Ankst 079 /CD079)
June 1997

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  1. 1. Eliot's Violet Hour (Radio Edit) - 2.23
  2. 1. Tu Fewn Ceg Gerallt - 3.13

  1. Eliot's Violet Hour (Radio Edit) - 2.23
  2. Tu Fewn Ceg Gerallt - 3.13
  3. Eliot's Violet Hour (I Can't Believe It's Not Disco! Mix) - 5.57

  ...pandering to the current fashion for short attention spans, a compact two and a half minutes where plangent Presbyterian hymns collide gently with tintinnabulary new-beat clang-jazz in an evocative elegy to the late Derek Jarman. The B side "Tu Fewn Ced Gerallt" is everything it's title suggests and then a little bit more. The CD features an unnecessarily extended 6 minute version of "Eliot's Violet Hour.


The press said...
Ectogram: "Eliot's Violet Hour" (Ankst)
Ubiquitously described as 'noiseniks' with songs that go on for ten hours or so, the Ectos by their own admission are having a go at "pandering to the dictates of commerce" by putting out a single. The end result is a beautiful, wilfully obtuse thing: a bit like Virginia Astley fronting the residents... 7
(Buzz, July 1997)

Ectogram: "Eliot's Violet Hour" (Ankst cd079)
The recent reissue of the early Pram recordings made me realize that Ectogram and Pram really are evolved from a common ancestor. But like humans and the chimpanzee the current models share less and less in common the further they cruise on up the food chain. Pram go for that authentic German cuisine while Ectogram on this new ep have treaded into the world of the pop song.
   With spoonbending guitars, Ann Matthews' fantastically spooky voice and that special Welsh intangible 'Eliot's Violet Hour' is a fabulous example of the hybridization of the avant garde and pop. On the ep you get two mixes plus one other song called 'In Gerallt's Mouth.' The I can't believe it's not disco mix clocks in at 5.57 and is especially thrilling.
(Keith McLachlan, Twee Kitten)

Ectogram: "Eliot's Violet Hour" (Ankst)
is an extremely unlikely 2 minute "radio edit" from the band who didn't stop once to draw breath in their entire set at King Tut's recently! This is really catchy, with sweet vocals interspersed with instrumental wig-outs.
(Botramaid, July 1997)

Ectogram: "Eliot's Violet Hour" (7"/CDS)
You might think this is St Etienne--for a minute at least--the sugar sweet girl vocals and lush, yet funky full-fat pop pull you in, then a noisy blast coshes you on the bridge of the nose and pokes you in the eye before salving your injuries with more savlon-pop. Sounds like Pram or Broadcast at their best.
(Jimmy's Riddle, July 1997)