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...not that this means much in the virtual world any more than it does in the real one. The most cursory examination of the internet will reveal parties claiming copyrights for work done by someone else or demanding copyright in return for services. This rankles a little, but it goes with the territory on the world wide web. Copyright laws are notoriously unenforcible. In the majority of cases nobody really cares anyway, so much of the 'information' available online is vacuous nonsense, boring, doesn't work or is misleading. For the rest, it must be accepted that material will be lifted and distributed freely. I am quite happy with this state of affairs as long as matetial is not used for profit and no copyright is claimed on it. I'm not going to attatch a copyright notice to everything I produce as the originator of a piece of work automatically assumes the copyright. The way I see it, dissemination by third parties is like advertising for free, after all everyone wants their work be seen by as many people as possible.