Ann Matthews

Ann plays the guitar and sings. She also writes all the songs. Her favourite guitars are those that stay in tune and look pretty. She dislikes all types of sport except heavyweight boxing, though she is not very good at it herself, she does like to see stupid people getting hit very hard.
She likes to munch on cheese sandwiches and is very keen on drinking exotic foreign beers that are made according to the Reinheitsgebot, as these don't make her as ill as other types. She doesn't have the right shaped face to speak French.
Ann thinks that all colours are nice.

Ann Plays

Fender Pro Reverb amplifier
Fender Telecaster
Shergold 125 12 string
12 string folk guitar
6 String folk guitar
6 string Spanish guitar
Mini Pops Junior rhythm machine
Hohner Harmonica
Ibanez WH10 Wah Wah
Guyatone HR2 Overdrive
Columbus Jazz Bass
Moog "Rogue"
Hohner Melodica
"Nashville Straights" srings
Jim Dunlop 0.6mm plectrums

What is not true:
Ann does not like cheese, nor watching stupid people being hit, nor does she like all colours (she especially hates wishy washy colours like beige and apricot), her favourites are turquoise and silver, as you may know if you've ever seen us play. Ann does like sandwiches as long as they contain crisps. Ann thinks that there should be a Constitution in Britain and that there should be no monarchy. People should be treated well and politicians should be banned. She is not at all political.

Ann's top flowers are:

1. Freesias
2. Centura Montana
3. Bluebells
4. Smelly Lilies
5. Sweetpeas
6. Black tulips
7. Fritillaria meleagris
8. Poppies
9. Foxgloves
10 Climbing roses

Ann has a large record collection, but is not of the mind set to make lists of them, nor tell her favourites in any particular order; she would rather play with her dog, who is black and called Swci. She would be happy to tell you her dogs every foible, but that sort of thing is usually not encouraged. She would prefer ecto. blurb to be less pretentious. She knows that it is a losing battle trying to get her own way.