Various Artists

Angylion Hardd, Adennydd Mawr / Angels With Big Wings


Compact Disc - ANKST (ANKST 081)

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  1. Rheiallt H. Rowlands - Carchal Meddwl Meddal
  2. Topper - Something To Tell Her
  3. Ectogram - This Is How It Is
  4. Geraint Jarman A'r Cynganeddwyr - Segontium
  5. Datblygu - Amnesia
  6. Melys - Ni Ddisgynna'r Aderyn
  7. Llwybr Llaethog - Mondo Mando
  8. David Wrench - Blow Winds Blow

...What a bargain! Those nice people at Ankst Records offer this CD, featuring some of the very best artists from their pioneering label, absolutely free to anyone who writes and asks for one (while stocks last).