CD - Ochre OCH020LCD

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  1. The Serpents
  2. 90° South
    Blue Sky Barrow
  3. Infinity Chimps
  4. Longstone
    Living Space
  5. The Land Of Nod
    Noose Of Ice
  6. Mount Vernon Arts Lab
  1. AMP
    Blind Man's Buff
  2. Skyray
    Bikini Atoll
  3. Glide
    Valentina Tereshkova
  4. E.A.R.
  5. The Creeping Meetball
    Over A Barrel
  6. The Mindwinder
    Soviet Space

  A live C.D. document of the legendary Ochre 5 festival, held in Gloucester Guildhall on November 27th 1999 to mark the fifth anniversary of Ochre Records. The CD features one track by each group who appeared that day (with the exception of Y Celfi Cam, who sadly were not recorded). The Serpents line-up that day featured Ectogram's Maeyc on drums and Alan on bass, alongside members of The Land Of Nod, Skyray, The Freed Unit, Glide, Infinity Chimps, Prolapse, 90° South, Longstone, Parking Non-Stop, Stylus, Echo & The Bunnymen, Bubblegun and others.